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A welcome to the semester lunch at Gentle's Bens

In the picture - from the left Melanie Culver, Asher Baltzell, Aaron Roznowski, Kiana Lee Diehl,  Debbie Chen, Emma Holland, Dun Liu.


Genetics gave an award at the Science Fair SARSEF

Sanne Casello worked in Daniela Zarnescu's lab, her research title is: Modulation of Insulin Pathway Signaling in a Drosophila Model of ALS.


The Inaugural Kidwell Distinguished Lecture in Evolutionary Genetics

"Darwin's Revolution: From Natural Theology to Natural Selection"

Dr. Francisco J. Ayala

March 9, 2016





"Using Whole Genomes to Resolve the Tree of Life of a Vertebrate Class and Evolution of Complex Traits"

Dr. Erich D. Jarvis

April 13, 2016

Dr. Jarvis and Katalin Gothard, Associate Professor, Physiology


Mendel Day

March 8, 2016



GIDP Student Research Showcase

December 9, 2015






Margaret Kidwell Speaker Series Symposium

Margaret Kidwell Endowment Reception on August 29, 2013

The Genetics GIDP is announced a campaign for a yearly Lectureship in Genetics at UA, in honor of Dr.

Margaret Kidwell, Regents Professor Emeritus of EEB and member and previous Chair of the Genetics

GIDP. The event coincided with Margaret's 80th birthday. Margaret attended along with some of her past

students and colleagues from the University of Arizona community, and her family members.

This kick-off event/80th birthday celebration was co-hosted by the Genetics GIDP and the EEB


The event was at the Tucson Botanical Gardens (Porter Hall, 2150 N Alvernon Way) on Thursday, 29

August 2013 from 6 -7:30 pm.

For more information about Margaret Kidwell, please

Kidwell Pictures 2013


  • Two Classes for Fall 2014:


  • COURSE TITLE:CMM 695D Human Genetic Disease Colloquium (3 units)

             Cross-listed with BIOC, GENE, MCB, PSIO, NRSC

             CMM 695D Human Genetic Disease Colloquium (3 units)a
             Cross-listed with BIOC, GENE, MCB, PSIO, NRSC
             Instructor: Linda L. Restifo, MD, PhD
             Prof. of Neurology, Neuroscience, and Cellular & Molecular Medicine
             Member, GIDPs in Genetics, Neuroscience, and Insect Science
   ; 520-621-9821
             Time: Mondays, 1-4 pm
             Place: Life Sciences North 452

            Fall 2014
           Monday, Wednesday 2-2:50 PM BioSciences West 302*
           *Schedule may change to accommodate students
           Dr. Michael Barker: BSW 321E; 621-2213;
           Office hours: Wed 3-4PM


  • SARSEF Award (March 12, 2014)

Tucson Magnet High School Senior, Mallary Rae Parker, received the UA Genetics GIDP Award at the SARSEF (Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair) Poster competition for 2014.  Mallary's poster was titled "Mechanisms of AG04 Nuclear Transport"  and discussed a way cells increase methyllation of their DNA as a potential mechanism to silence genes.  Mallary's teacher is Margaret Wilch and she worked with Rebecca Mosher at the UA, Genetics GIDP faculty in Plant Sciences, as a high school intern.  This research project was conducted in the Mosher lab.  Congratulations to Mallary Parker!  Mallary plans to attend college here at the UA next fall.

  • Graduate Interdisciplinary Program (GIDP) Showcase (December 19, 2013)

The GIDP Student Showcase was created to disseminate GIDP graduate research with the community. This year the showcase took place at the Marriott hotel with students’ oral and poster presentations from the fifteen GDPs at the University of Arizona. Three genetic Ph.D. students received awards: Erin Vaughn, her poster entitled “Development of microsatellites markers for the Crested Caracara using next generation data”; Aaron Roznowski with his poster entitled “Structure-function analysis of the fX174 DNA translocating tube”; and Consuelo Dayzu-Quinto with her poster “Inference of the demographic history of Japan using Approximate Bayesian Computation”.

From left to right; Consuelo Dayzu-Quinto, Debbie Chen, Erin Vaughn, Cora Varas-Nelson, and Aaron Roznowski.

Erin Vaughn (Ph.D.student) and Leslie Tolbert Ph.D. Regents’ Professor, Department of Neuroscience

Aaron Roznowski (Ph.D.student) and Leslie Tolbert Ph.D. Regents’ Professor, Department of Neuroscience

Consuelo Daysu-Quinto (Ph.D.student) and Leslie Tolbert Ph.D. Regents’ Professor, Department of Neuroscience

  • Genetics GIDP Faculty Member and student mentor Dr. Michael Hammer was featured in a CBS News Story on December 22, 2011, which can be found here.

  • Genetics GIDP faculty and Executive Committee member, Dr. Melanie Culver, has secured a very large  grant from the US Fish and Wildlife Services to study Jaguar presence in the Southwest. Very cool stuff!To read more about this go to: Congratulations Melanie!!

  • A $600,000 U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention grant will allow UA scientists to investigate and collect information on children born with spina bifida. Drs. Sydney Rice and Christopher Cunniff are leading the study. Read more  

  • Matthew Sullivan receives $1.6M grant to study Marine Viruses. Read more


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