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PhD Alumni



Kiana Martinez, PhD. 2021
           "Identifying the Genetic Basis of Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS)"

            Advisor: Dr. Christina Laukaitis

John Alexander Erwin, PhD, 2020

"The Use of Conservation Genomics To Inform Law and Policy"

Advisor—Melanie Culver 

Alejandra Encinas, PhD, 2019

 “Understanding SCN8A and Voltage-Gated Sodium Channelopathies”

            Advisor –Michael Hammer

Aaron Roznowski, PhD, 2019

"Structure/Function investigation of the bacteriophage φX174's DNA piloting protein"

Advisor-Bentley Fane

Asher Haug-Baltzell, PhD, 2018

 “Genomic Insights: Comparative Genomics in the Big Data Age”

            Advisor –Eric H Lyons

Ryan Sprissler, PhD, 2017

 “Genetics of Epilepsy”

            Advisor –Michael Hammer

Erin Vaughn, PhD, 2016

“Conservation Genetics and Epigenetics of Pronghorn, Antilocapra Americana

            Advisor –Melanie Culver

Consuelo Dayzú Quinto, PhD, 2016

“Inferring Demographic History of Admixed Human Populations with SNP Array Data”

            Advisor –Joseph Watkins

August Woerner,  PhD, Fall 2016

         "On the neutralome of great apes and nearest neighbor search in metric spaces"

         Advisor –Michael Hammer

Joe Kunkle, PhD, 2015

“A Systems Approach for Dissecting Integrated Signaling Pathways: TORC1 and Ras/PKA Regulation of Glucose Induced Growth Control in S. cerevisiae”

            Advisor –Andrew Capaldi

Katie Caviness, PhD, 2015

“Complex Gene Expression and Interplay of the UL136 Protein Isoforms Influence Human Cytomegalovirus Persistence”

            Advisor –Felicia Goodrum

Robert Fitak, PhD, 2014

“Conservation Genomics of the Endangered Mexican Wolf and De Novo SNP Marker Development in Pumas Using Next-Generation Sequencing”

            Advisor –Melanie Culver

Jason Pugh, PhD, 2013

“Radiation and Immunity in the Context of Cytomegalovirus and Aging”

            Advisor –Janko Nikolich-Zugich

Atlantis Russ, MD, PhD, 2013

“HUGL and the Role of Polarity in Breast Cancer”

           Advisor –Joyce A Schroeder

Matt Hart, PhD, 2013

“Understanding EGFR Modification, Trafficking, and the Importance of its Juxtamembrane Domain in Cancer

            Advisor –Joyce Schroeder

Maureen Peterson, PhD, 2011

Transportation Regulation: Control of Expression in Drosophila Melanogaster and Consequences of Disregulation in Human Cells”

            Advisor –Giovanni Bosco and Vicki Chandler

Robert Valenzuela, PhD, 2011

“Predictive Modeling for Complex Traits: Normal Human Pigmentation Variation”

            Advisor –Murray H Brilliant

Helen F. Smith, PhD, 2010

“Condensin II Regulation and Function in Polyploid and Female Meiotic Cells in Drosophila  Melanogaster

            Advisor –Giovanni Bosco

Bridget Barker, PhD, 2009

“Population Genetics and Genomics of Coccidioides Immitis and Coccidides Posadasii

            Advisor –Steve Rounsley

Patricia Kiesler, PhD, 2009

“Functional Characterization of an Allergy-Associated Regulatory Variant at the Human IL13 Locus”

            Advisor –Donata Vercelli

Jannine Stempel, PhD, 2008

“The Regulation of Th2 Cytokine Genes: Functional and Comparative Genomic Analysis”

            Advisor –Donata Vercelli

Holly Garriock, PhD, 2006

“Genetics of Major Depressive Disorder in Treatment Resistance and Tryptophan Depletion”

           Advisor –Robert P Erikson

Sally Dickinson, PhD, 2005

“Early Responses to Oxidative Stress in Heart Cells: Signals from the Cell Membrane to the Nucleus and Beyond”

            Advisor –Qin M Chen

Zanhua Yi, PhD, 2005

“Analysis of the Mouse p100H Mutation: Implications for Two Disease Related Genes: P and Sox6”

            Advisor –Murray H Brilliant

Ramanujam Radabaugh, PhD, 2003

“Oxidation and Reduction of Inorganic Arsenic in Mammalian Systems”

            Advisor –Roy R Parker

Joana Carneiro da Silva, PhD, 2000

“Population Genetics of P Transposable Elements and their Host Species, with Emphasis on Drosophilia Willistoni and Drosophilia Sturtevanti

            Advisor –Margaret G Kidwell

Shermali Gunawardena, PhD, 1999

“Interphase Chromosome Movement during the Midblastula Transition in Drosophila Melanogaster

           Advisor –Mary C Rykowski

Patrick O’Grady, PhD, 1998

“Phylogenetic Relationships of Files in the Family Drosophilae Inferred by Combined  Analysis of Molecular and Morphological Data Sets”

           Advisor –Margaret G Kidwell

Ssucheng Jeff Hsu, PhD, 1998

“Physical and Genetic Mapping on Mouse Proximal Chromosome 18”

           Advisor –Robert P Erikson




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