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Classes for 2017-2018:

             New- CMM 518 Modern Genetics- from Molecules to Populations"
             Instructor: Linda L. Restifo, MD, PhD
             Prof. of Neurology, Neuroscience, and Cellular & Molecular Medicine
             Member, GIDPs in Genetics, Neuroscience, and Insect Science
    sends e-mail); 520-621-9821

GENE 595H   Problems in Biology of Complex Diseases (Spring)

GENE 695D   Human Genetic Disease Colloquium (Fall) 

MCB 572a   Cell Systems (Fall)

MCB 580  Intro to Systems Biology (Fall)

ECOL 553L   Functional and Evolutionary Genomics (Fall)

ECOL 696C   Informatic and Comparative Analysis of Genomes (Spring)

PLS 565   Practical Skills for Next Generation Sequencing Analysis (Spring)

MCB 516A   Statistical Bioinformatics and Genomic Analysis (Fall)

Last updated 1 May 2018