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Current Students


                                           Research                                          Began Ph.D.  Program
Asher Baltzell

Dopamine receptors in newly-sequenced Avian species model for understanding gene identification and evolution in new genomes

Fall 2014
Debbie Chen Exploring the role of modifier genes in the genetics of epilepsy Fall 2012
Consuelo Quinto Cortes Genomic signature of admixture and demographic inference  Fall 2010
Kiana Lee Diehl How epigenetic mechanisms regulate gene expression and result in disease phenotypes Fall 2015
Alejandra Encinas   Fall 2015
John Alexander Erwin Conservation genomics Fall 2013
Emma Holland   Fall 2016
Dun Liu   Fall 2016
Aaron Roznowski Structure/Function investigation of the bacteriophage φX174's DNA piloting protein Fall 2012
Ryan Sprissler Comparative genomic analysis in neurological disease phenotypes  Fall 2010
Erin Vaughn Conservation Genomics and Epigenomics Fall 2011
Eldridge Wisely Environmental DNA monitoring of marine ecosystems Fall 2014



Last updated 13 Oct 2016