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How To Apply


Graduate Admission Process


The Genetics GIDP recruits students through the Arizona Biological and Biomedical Sciences (ABBS)  program, which integrates recruiting and admissions for five PhD programs. Students are admitted to the ABBS with no formal commitment to a particular Ph.D program. Students are free to rotate in laboratories of faculty associated with any of the programs, providing maximum flexibility for students to explore various views of studies.  At the end of rotations, students will matriculate into one of the five graduate programs based upon their interests and the laboratory that they enter.  

Please visit the ABBS website for more information and application instructions.


Program-Specific Requirements

Students admitted to the Genetics Graduate Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program are likely to have an undergraduate degree in physical or biological sciences and meet the prerequisites below. However, applicants with other academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply if they meet the minimal prerequisites of

one year of organic chemistry and/or biochemistry
one year of physics for scientists
one course in statistics
one semester calculus
one semester of an upper-division genetics course

Students can be admitted with course deficiencies under some circumstances.

Currently students are admitted to the Ph.D. program only. It is not necessary to earn a Masters degree before enrolling in the doctoral program. The M.S. in Genetics degree is granted occasionally under exceptional circumstances.

Application Instructions

The following is a summary of all materials that should be prepared submitted online prior to the application deadline (December 1) in order to complete your application:

Application Deadlines

Domestic Applicants

  • Fall - December 1
  • Spring - No admissions
  • Summer I - No admissions
  • Summer II- No admissions
International Applicants
  • Spring - No admissions
  • Summer I - No admis
  • Fall - December 1
  • sions
  • Summer II - No admissions
  • Graduate College Application for Genetics:


  • Scores from the General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • Scanned copies of transcripts from each college or university attended
  • A Personal Statement (see below)
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation (follow the instruction on the Graduate College application)
  • International students must submit TOEFL scores 

It is recommended that you keep a hard-copy of all online forms, in case  there are technical problems with online transmission.

If you are admitted, you will be required to submit 2 copies of your official transcripts to:

Cora Varas-Nelson
Genetics GIDP
1548 East Drachman St.
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 8572-0476

Problems submitting your application should be addressed to Cora Varas-Nelson, Program Coordinator, at, (520) 626-1452.


Ph.D. candidates should be aware that if your application is to be considered competitive, you will be invited to participate in a mandatory interview process in February.

Personal Statement:

Your personal statement should be between 1000-1500 words long, and might include a discussion of your long-range goals; your reasons for pursuing an advanced degree; your interest in our program; information on your prior research experience or teaching (if any); and topics in physiology that are of particular interest to you and that might serve as the focus of your graduate program.

Letters of recommendationDescription: nchor

All applicants must submit three letters of recommendation. These letters should be current or former advisors or instructors, and may address your previous research or laboratory experience, your academic qualification, your scientific potential, and your motivation for graduate work.



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