Zukowski Travel Award Instructions and Procedures

The Zukowski Travel Award is intended to offset some of the costs associated with international or national travel such as registration, room, airfare and meals. These awards are meritorious and will be granted on the competitive and innovative content of the statement submitted with the application.

There is no deadline and students can apply at any time and it will be reviewed within a month.


  • Complete the application form.
  • The application will include a copy of the abstract you submitted to the conference (should be between ½ a page and 1 page in length).
  • A statement of how attending this particular conference/event will help your professional development.
  • A copy of the conference acceptance (when available).
  • Please ask your adviser to email a recommendation letter in support of your application directly to the program coordinator and program chair.
  • Students must provide all documents to complete their application in order to receive funding.

Eligibility Conditions:

  • Be enrolled as a student with a major in Genetics GIDP
  • Be in good standing (not provisional) and have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • Be selected to either present a paper, poster or talk at a professional meeting
  • Be the graduate student who is conducting the research for which the paper, poster or talk is being presented

Awards are contingent upon the availability of funds and the number of applications per year. Students are eligible to receive up to a total of $2,500 per year.

All Zukowski Travel Awards are processed in accordance with University of Arizona Policy, and they will be dispursed as a cash award and as such will be considered part of your taxable income.

Post-Award Requirements

Within two weeks of your return, you must submit the following materials to the GIDP Administration office:

  • A short summary (1/2 a page to a page) of your experience and how it was valuable for your professional education.
  • A digital photograph of yourself, preferably in a research setting or at the conference.

These materials will be put on the Genetics GIDP website for promotional purposes.

Note: Applications may be submitted without registration confirmation for the conference that the students have been selected to present. However, the funds will be contingent on acceptance from the conference organizers.

Application Form